I want to tell you about what I believe in?

I believe in my art;

What I do to create my art?

How I feel when I create my art and

Why I create my art.?

You see I believe in my art………My Art is My Belief…….

I fervently work the brushstrokes; I know I have control!

My heart pounds when I lose that control;

I love colour; vibrancy of colour

I become very excited when I think of what I am about to produce;

the processes I am about to undertake,

the joy of expressing myself whether it be on canvas or any other media,

The accident occurs; the happy accident arrives.

Is this where I was heading? Yes! This IS where I was heading!

I am always learning; always facing the challenge;

Regardless of how accomplished I feel I have become.

There are times it all seems too easy; then others when obstacles rear their ugly heads

However, I find, I must work my way through it.

My style is bold, bright, vibrant yet even so I believe there are dark

undertones in all of us;

I search inside the personalities; inside their life;

For many women of today the masculinity of life becomes overwhelming;

I reach deep and source and expose their femininity.

Intuitively My Art is therapy for My Soul…….

Absorbed in the moment; Art becomes compulsory…..I must create!

I can’t rest until the challenge is overcome;

I become anxious until I declare; The End.

I find I have streams of ideas constantly pushing and pulling me onwards,

I have to follow  constantly stimulated.

I need to get as much done as possible in the time I have……

There IS a race against time!

Painting has become my meditation, calm and gentle;

concentration,   although;

there are times when I become very physical very interactive with the work;

Whether the media be canvas, clay, collage or textiles, depending on my moods,

Arriving at completely different results.

Not the most verbal of people, My Art is My Release;  discussions I find difficult;

So any strong rooted, deep meaning problems or feelings that I would probably never talk over,

I can bring forward in my work; my worries are processed subconsciously.

Verbal self expressions convert into my work.

As I can’t observe myself; it all comes from within…….

not from just inside my head; but from inside my whole body;

my expressive self is my subconscious; its all intuitive……..

I believe in the process

The only way I can express myself is by reliving the process.

I want to share this excitement; this zing!

with everyone who comes into contact with me and my work;

I put my heart and soul into each piece;

I feel new emotion excite and empower me to create this next task;

and so! just as instantly

I can suddenly realise that for me, the piece  is finished.




find out more at my new website click on!!!

I hope you enjoy,

Let me know what you think

Kx 🙂

pics by Gemma Louise Williams


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