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I don’t watch much TV!

In fact we don’t own one!

I think it’s much better for our daily lives, It’s too easy to switch that switch or press a remote control of that time- wasting box in the corner of the room!

AND –  so many of us today live our lives vicariously through depressing dramas, soaps or the latest craze of reality TV.

This doesn’t enrich our lives but becomes embedded within our psyche and more importantly OUR children’s psyche.

All consuming subliminal trash pre-programming us to buy,buy,buy…….

And – at some point this behaviour is regurgitated and spewed out as ‘Acceptably Sociable behaviour’ ??? later being re-enacted as a Drama, quite probably to start with in the school play-ground, and that’s by the parents…. (ok?  I’m joking but I hope you get my point.)

I’m not completely anti-watching and I do love a good film on occasions. What I feel is important though, is to make an objective and informed choice.

‘To Choose’ is so much more pro-active than surfing the channels and passively watching the best thing (or anything) that comes up or even channel hop because non of the viewing is particularly engaging.

It’s ‘Chewing Gum of the eyeballs’.

However, we do own a rather large screen Apple Mac (Computer snobs!!!) on which we can watch our selected programmes,

I usually check out any Arts & Culture,

My daughter does enjoy a few of the kids dramas etc, because she is passionate about dancing and singing she loves to watch ‘Strictly’ and ‘The Voice’.

Of course she can’t watch alone therefore I HAVE to watch it with her! ( this is my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)  😉



Ok Ok! I admit I do enjoy watching ‘The Voice’

It’s ‘FRESH’  🙂 and different from the majority of TV. talent shows.

I also like the judges – Danny, Jessy Jay, Sir Tom Jones,

And I especially Love Will.i.am. (Black Eyed Peas)

The Man himself
The Man himself


Will.i.am, intrigues me,

he has a very unique, individual perspective,

always looking for innovative, creative & fashionable projects.


.                        .                        .                    .                  .                      .

I found he is not only an inspiring artist, producer, he has many facets, inventing, engineering, education, technology, space travel….. and some interests very close to my own heart.


Surprise, Surprise, We share the same Birthday(Yet, he is a tad younger than I 😦  )

He donated his fee from The Voice UK, to The Prince’s Trust (£500,000)

He is interested in the future of our children, and feels The Education System in America needs reform, as I do in the UK !

He feels that children should be taught STEM,  STEAM?  An education system that’s been running in USA for a few years now.

STEM workshops are aimed at inspiring and engaging 13-19 year olds in science and engineering fields. (STEM .UK  now in the UK through the Prince’s Trust.)(Angel Foundation.)

( Hence his song ‘Reach for the Stars’) Which he wrote in early 2012 as an inspiration for  children –

The song lyrics use space as a metaphor for achieving goals.

“Why do they say that the sky is the limit ………check it out for yourself http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/hip-hop-media-training/am-teams-nasa-premiere-reach-stars-mars-220744171.html

(In 2012 Will was asked by NASA to compose a piece of music to be taken to Mars and be  the first transmission back to earth from that planet; so he used his piece ‘Reach for the Stars’ adding  choirs and orchestras to include the human touch! rather than computer bleeps)

“This project with NASA is to help inspire kids to get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  “My mission is to inspire the youth to care about education.” he said (Mirror 23rd June 2012)

Space travel, -Science and Maths and ‘CODE’ (the formula to programme computer software, as a standard.)(Code.org wants you — to learn computer programming.)

To prepare children for the future in this technological age.

For the past several years I have been arguing that we need to add the ‘A’ for Art to turn STEM into STEAM. (Elmo from Sesame Street)

…..the song’s main goal was to engage the next generation in continuing science education. “we realise that as cool as this is, there was a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of STEAM education here on Earth” Iam.angel foundation executive director Justin Paschal says.

According to Will.i.am, it’s the arts…..a commitment to blending art and design with harder disciplines is the key to true innovation.Hence the “A” in STEAM. (famigo.com blog)

.            .          .          .          .           .           .            .           .

In a similar way I feel the arts should be taught in a more holistic way that permeates throughout the wider subjects.

I believe our education system is needing to catch up with today’s life style & work place.


(Look out for my new website soon to be released! make sure you check-out  Katrina-art future creatives page; which gives you more of an insight into my personal beliefs regarding education.)

Portrait In development.
Portrait In development.

Because Will.i am, is such an inspiration and has such a forward thinking approach to Life and Society I wanted to create a collage especially for him;

I used magazines, as is my wont to reflect Life & Media today; then I specifically selected images that were geometric, scientific, space and architectural as well as images of music and his charity. Hashing them together I created a 5x5ft portrait of Will.i.am.

My concept was to create a portrait reflecting Will the musician and Will the creative, forward thinking innovator, and I feel I attained that. I felt it a strong enough piece to present to Will.i.am himself, which was my intention:

But how? I wasn’t so sure??????????

I believe Will lives in America and therefore trawled the net for his address to no avail! 😦

PING!!! Light Bulb Moment! The Voice would be having their semi -final and final  Live at Pinewood Studios London. So I surfed the net and emailed one of the Pinewood Directors and he assured me that Pinewood would receive a parcel/picture and give it to Will i. am. 🙂

I hadn’t given myself an easy task, this piece was large 5Ft x 5Ft square, on paper which I had ironed and varnished, It could be easily damaged. It couldn’t be rolled or folded aghh!

After some searching I managed to find a place that stocked 10ft x 5ft sheets of half inch plywood, they kindly cut it in half, I found a friend with a vehicle large enough to transport the wood home, It was then sandwiched between the wood and wrapped with bubble wrap.

Back on the Net I googled couriers, found myself on a bidding war for the best price. Eventually settling at £120 including V.A.T. (several came in later much cheaper  !….)

My Very, large, flat parcel was collected and shipped off to Pinewood Studios…..

The best snapshot I captured of this piece.. Durrr!
The best snapshot I captured of this piece. Durrr!



AND I can only hope Will.i.am received This piece of Art, that I had so lovingly created especially for him????


I ‘ve tried to Tweet him but have yet to hear? I can only leave it with the Gods!


Mr Will, Please if you read this I hope You enjoy my picture! Please do let me know?


Love Kx


Maybe after all, some Television is worth while watching?


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