Art Exhibition ‘A TASTE OF WINEhouse’. by Katrina Atkinson.

I am SO pleased I decided to choose a local venue to hold my latest exhibition, ‘A Taste of WINEhouse’.

I usually go further afield, Bristol, Bath……..  this time I thought it would be fun to get some local creative people together, local friends and acquaintances, to let them see what I get up to first hand.

I find it amazing quite a few people didn’t realise that that I am an artist! it’s funny what people assume? 🙂 I NOW think the word has spread, especially as I had some good local radio and newspaper coverage, including a double page spread in the Mid -Somerset Series!

 Exhibition in Pub on Fallen Star; Photos by- Jason Bryant; Story by - Laura Briggs

Exhibition in Pub on Fallen Star:
Photos by- Jason Bryant:
Story by – Laura Briggs

(To get a better view of the article and read it go to )

Exhibitions become so intense.

Each and every aspect has to be thought out and arranged, from negotiating the right Venue, organising Music, Merchandising, Social media, Invitations, Leaflets, Posters, Banners……Along side all this for me the most important thing is to keep working and completing the art!!!


There’s the fear!

Will it look good up in the space? Will the art hang together as a body of work? Will the viewers like the work.?

Quite suddenly I am exposed, open for criticism, naked and vulnerable.

The blood, sweat and tears poured into creations gives no idea if anyone will like it?

The anguish is overwhelming..

For me as an artist once a piece is complete I don’t reflect too much, I may hang it around and I live with it while working on the final touches of the piece and for a while afterwards, to make sure I feel it is finished, but I don’t tend to adore the work once it’s done, for me the important part is the process, the struggle, the disdain, the challenge, the crescendo, yet even so, I often feel the work itself is not too precious.

While working on my art I may have my Daughter, Mother and the occasional friend or  visitor seeing the work in progress; they almost always make positive comments.

Are they just being polite? or are they really appreciating the work?

An artist can never really listen to others’ views too much.

You have to go with your own gut feeling; continue the work, pencil, pen, paint, paper and glue to achieve the goal in hand; yet not overwork the piece….

After all the preparation, the decision making the hanging of the work, positioning where each piece will hang, next to which piece,  which wall, direction of sun, windows,direction of doors and so on…….

It’s opening time!  I stand ready to to greet and talk to the invited ones; they look at me ; they look at my art.

Its terrifying, I am usually the viewer, the observer, I usually hide behind the canvas, I am the one who feels invisible;

I find it very difficult to have to be the focus of the evening.

Hiding behind my canvas, my paint, my tools normally deflects any attention from me.

But here, now, at the private view, at the reception I have no where to hide..

It was a great success!!!


I am very pleased to be able to say it was a great weekend, much fun and enjoyment was had by one and all. There were some ace lively bands; Folk were up and dancing, Mark and Liz Hey Landlords and all of the staff of the Sheppey were most congenial hosts;  my artwork was received well, lots of interest, positive comments and feedback 🙂


Please see the film of my exhibition, ‘A Taste of WINEhouse’.


I do hope you enjoy!!! LOL KX



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