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Hi!  Its been a while, I know but, I promise I have been sooooo busy!!!!!!!

I have been preparing for my up and coming exhibition:

‘A  Taste of WINEhouse’ 

Check out my new Website www.amywinehouseart.co.uk

As you know I am a mixed media artist, my current art practice developed from my fascination and my repulsion of ‘The Celebrity Culture’. IMG_0361

‘Daddy’s Girl’ Acrylic on Canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)

I began exploring Amy Winehouse as a subject and then as if held by a spell became a little ‘Obsessed’.

This body of work is acrylic on canvas;

and then collaging on canvas.

Recycling newspapers and magazines.

Layering images & words upon images & words, layering and layering, some of the work is extremely considered but essentially I work intuitively and enjoy the surprise of the accident that occurs.

The results give an almost film like quality as one can almost be bombarded with information, that moves ones eye around the canvas born in the tradition of Andy Warhol & the ‘pop art’ movement.

This medium has allowed me to reflect the many facets of the complex personality of Winehouse.

I want to celebrate her in a positive way, it seems too often that the negative is remembered, she was an amazing talent, who unfortunately had an addiction.

However I felt keeping the subject too light would be too one dimensional and therefore some darker pieces emerged.

It seems on one hand Winehouse craved the limelight, yet on the other hated the attention, after all the very media that exploits celebrities is the same media that gives them the fame in the first place.

Warhol famously quoted, ‘Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of Fame’.

Favourite Yellow Dress
Favourite Yellow Dress

While working on this project I would immerse myself in Winehouse music, also music that inspired her, such as Billy Holiday, Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan.

I do prefer to reference from life but the second best thing is the availability to play films and watch footage of her in concert; very different from simply working from stills and photographs.

The combination of this enables me to put movement, mood and emotion into my canvases.

From a distance collages imply an image of Winehouse yet close up one can see  pictures of cars, models, advertisements, words, phrases, written extracts, etc etc.

I hope the viewer will find the pieces engrossing; the more one looks into them the more interesting things can be found.



This side of Paradise 

Coming from Somerset I have decided to hold this exhibition on The Somerset Levels, rather than going to the city I want to bring interesting people together here at a quirky, funky pub that frequently has live bands and really good food;

 The Sheppey Inn, Godney, Glastonbury, Somerset.

On the famous Somerset levels.

Located on the river, visitors can sit by the river bank, in the courtyard or in the newly renovated spacious pub.

Landlord Mark Hey has created something very unique with a great vibe, I think it is going to be a fantastic venue for this collection of Art.

We are celebrating – ‘Amy Winehouse Week’ from Friday 15th – Friday 22nd of February 2013,

Live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday, (Pre view on the Friday)

There will be fab food, cocktails and dressing up so come and join us for a great week! www.thesheppeyinn.co.uk


As many of you may know part of my art is to become the persona of my subject matter.

My last exhibition was www.fridakahloinspiredart.co.uk  I work collaboratively with an artist photographer Lisa Ebert.

This time I couldn’t resist it, I had to be Amy.

I organized a photo shoot at www.retroworldonline.co.uk

with masses of retro furniture;

we then went on to www.swallowsjaguar.com

where an amazing collection of Jaguar cars in varying conditions can be found.

Check out the images on the bottom of my new website: www.amywinehouseart.co.uk

I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has been involved thus far and to those who are getting involved with my exhibition!

Lisa Ebert….. photography,

Nathan ……  Retro World.

Gary Robinson Swallows Cars.

Mark Hey The Sheppey.

My brother Sacha……..

………My mum who is forever supportive.

And of course my patient little girl Winnie.

I am extremely grateful for your help in making  this a reality!


Lots of Love Kx

 A:W Exhib Coverwww.amywinehouseart.co.uk www.thesheppey.co.uk



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