As we have now the New year upon us, and we reflect on our past and remember people, good times and bad, I thought I would say just a few words with this in mind.

I posted a blog as a tribute to a fellow artist who had died in the latter part of 2012,

Azriel Cohen.

A friend of his, Jolie Grief contacted me with a few amendments I hope she doesn’t mind I have entered as she wrote to me;

 Azriel Cohen


This was beautifully written. It’s not so very important, but I will tell you one correction. Azriel passed away not in Toronto, but in Passaic, N.J. at his brother Aaron’s home. Azriel’s parents were also there, as well asl Aaron’s wife and kids.

The Jerusalem Post article got it wrong.

Azriel was, indeed, a very special soul, a beautiful person, inside and out.

Jolie Greiff.

. . .

I thank you Jolie for  your amendments!

Azriel Cohen RIP.



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